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The DPO Circle groups members involved in Data Protection and aims at delivering services to its members through sharing and networking that would be coordinated by volunteers.

The membership entitles members to participate to the DPO circle events, round-tables, have access to presentations, research documents, DPO circle forum and blog via the DPO online tool.

All the participants to the DPO circle inaugural event (identified as inauguration member) are entitled up to a full year free membership ending the latest on December 31, 2018.  After the 31st of December 2018, members will be renewed based on published membership requirements.  Following are categories of members:

·       Regular member: certified data protection professionals working as a recognized “Data Protection Officer” or lawyers mandate as a “Data Protection Officer”. This member category is not submitted to annual fees.

·       Associate member: certified data protection professionals who have interest in Data Protection. This member category is available for physical person and moral person and is submitted to annual fees. The annual fees for freelance and employees working in micro-enterprise (< 10 employees) or small enterprise (<50 employees) is 220€/year and for employees working in bigger enterprise is 1000€/year (and 400€ per additional member).

Members who have not participate to the DPO circle inaugural event (identified as initial member) are entitled to a free membership till the 25th of May 2018. After this date, they will be renewed to either the regular member or associate member as mentioned above.

Members agree to send the evidence of their DPO certification/title/activity to the DPO circle association by mail at before the date of May 25, to safeguard their membership renewal.

Members agree to adhere to Code of Conduct and to maintain their knowledge in relevant domains by gaining a number of continued education hours (by continued education, we refer to participation to forum, events and round-tables). Once a year, members have to submit their continued education evidence to the DPO circle at

They continue to adhere to regular membership conditions and agree to report potential interruption of their membership conditions and related categories as soon as occurring to the DPO circle by sending us a mail at